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Snowmass Tourism Debuts New Brand Campaign and Logo

In early April, Snowmass Tourism launched a new advertising campaign and new destination logo with digital, print, and video ad placements in targeted markets around the country to promote visitation to Snowmass for the 2022 summer season. Snowmass Tourism promotes all businesses and activities within Snowmass Village including lodging, restaurant, and retail operations, as well as the Snowmass Ski Area, part of Aspen Snowmass. “This is a great opportunity to present ourselves visually in a fresh new way that connects with both visitors and locals alike. While visitors may see the new logo and campaign in targeted ads, locals will experience it around the Village on lamp post banners, on the newly enhanced Fanny Hill concert experience, in local ads/promotions, and more,” noted Rose Abello, Tourism Director, Snowmass Tourism. Virginia McNellis, Marketing Director, Snowmass Tourism, said, “We worked with our agency partners to weave together that qualitative and quantitative data to ensure our marketing reaches the right people with the right messages at the right time. While Snowmass has seen strong occupancy in recent winter and summer high seasons, we know that we need to approach destination marketing strategically to provide long-term stability for our tourism-based economy.” The new logo, a stylized typesetting of the words Snowmass Colorado, has a distinctive diagonal stripe between the W and M in the middle of the word. The stripe is a nod to Mt. Daly, Snowmass’ iconic peak, with its large diagonal band of rock that is visible from the Village. While the visual reference may not be recognized by those who have not been to Snowmass before, it is a wink to the community and should resonate with locals and frequent visitors. The new campaign creative, “Magnify,” juxtaposes the vast beauty of Snowmass and the meaningful moments of emotions that one can experience in Snowmass. Visually, wide-open scenic shots are set against close-up, intimate portrayals of heightened emotion. The ‘Daly diagonal’ from the logo is used as a design motif to creative a distinctive design element and reinforce the Snowmass branding.